Technological capabilities


CHEM JSC has extensive experience in manufacturing of hcat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, tanks, plpes and cquipment, metal structures and non-standard equipment at our or customer’s specifications. These products are made of carbon, stainless and duplex stecl. The company has extensive equipment for making blanks, machining and welding work but some of them are:


1.Machines for oxygen and plasma cutting of shect material with thickness up to 200 mm of carbon steel and 30 mm of stainlcss stcel.

2.Diffcrent strip cutting machines capable of cutting up to 1 000 mm round rolled iron.

3.Various shafts capable of bending sheet metal with 30 mm thickness and 3000 mm wiilth or 60 mm thickness and 1200 mm width.

4.Edgc machine with force of 400 MT and a length of bending material up to 4000 mm.

5.Vertical machining center with strokcs o1"2300 x 2200 x 900 mm.

6.Vertical lathcs machining workpieces with diameters up to 2500 mm.

7.Doring machine.

8.Many universal machines.

9.Pipe bending machine to onc inch.

10.F.dge cutting machine with  a stroke up to 8000 mm

11.Manual welding units.

12.Scmi-automatic welding in inert argon  "TIG"

13.Scini-automatic wclding in protective mcdia of carbon dioxide "MIG -

14.Welding columns

15.Machine for local hcat treatment, etc.


The manufacturing premises in the company are equipped with cranes u ith capacity varying from 5 to 32 MT.

The company can manufacture items weighing up to 80 000 kg.